My First Roughrider Game!

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Wow! Thanks Conexus Credit Union for helping make Sunday, September 5th, 2021 the most bumpin' Sunday I've ever had!!

To start this epic Rider-Sunday, I was joined by Regina-based wrestler and Roughriders ultra fan, Thryllin' Dylan! Dylan gave me the crash course in becoming a member of Rider Nation and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect coach.

It took almost no convincing to get Dylan and I to make watermelon helmets for the game. Even though watermelon is my favourite fruit, I don't think I've ever eaten a watermelon so quickly in my life! With our helmets scooped and sculpted, it was time to join a couple of tailgate parties.

To my surprise, the fans of both team get along really well, how wonderfully Canadian! Even more Canadian, the regional jokes and zingers flew back and forth non-stop. I kept looking around for Rick Mercer to jump out with a camera man to film This Hour Has 22 Minutes! (Ha - I must be really Canadian now!)

The energy at Mosaic Stadium was off the hook! But considering this was my first CFL game, I had so many questions about the game. Who was the guy on a bicycle beside the field? When do we boooo or cheer? Why do they stop all the time? Thankfully Dylan explained everything and more between all the cheering and booing.

Half-time was a blast! I was starving so a 2-foot long hotdog was the perfect solution to that problem. It was awesome to catch the Sheepdogs again too! This is my third time seeing the Sheepdogs in 2 months, I think i'm officially a groupie!

People watching was positively kaleidoscopic! Seeing all kinds of watermelon team outfits makes my Cirque du Soleil sout so happy. For my next game, I will wear my new Roughriders t-shirt over my Alf costume (he's my favourite character and my inspiration for choosing Fozzy).

One thing is for certain, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have the most creative and enthusiastic fan base I've ever seen!!!

Thanks to everyone who made my first game day so unforgettable! This was yet another Saskatchewanderer experience that will stay with me forever. I'm so proud to bleed green for this team!