My Visit to Moose Jaw

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

How the Grinch Stole the Saskatchewanderer's Hat, doesn't quite have the same ring to it as the original title, but that's exactly what happened!

Last night I went to bed wearing my Saskatchewanderer hat, as I usually do - and to my surpise the hat was gone when I woke up!

My day of rest and rejuvenation at Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa would need to wait. First, I must recover my hat. Moose Jaw is one of the most Christmassy towns in Saskatchewan, no wonder the Grinch struck here!

I needed to caffeinate, ASAP! Hive Expresso Bar was the perfect place to start my mission. This beautiful cafe on Main Street in Moose Jaw serves sophisticated drinks and rocks a metropolitan vibe. Have you ever had a hot toddy? Another seasonal superstar is the Sugar Plum Fairy Fog, a mix of steamed coconut milk, concentrated coffee-cherry (cascara tea) and house-made vanilla syrup. That is some serious international flair! My extra-hot cappuccino was delicious, but still no luck finding my hat!

The Gather at the Hive baristas (one with the best beards I've ever seen!) told me to check for my hat at the Western Development Museum, so off I went.

The Western Development Museum highlights the modes of transporation that changed the face of the prairies. Automobiles, rail, vintage aircrafts - this museum has it all! The aviation exhibits include a dedicated Snowbirds aerobatic team display. This was the final location of the Western Development Museum's that I needed to visit and have now seen them all! Each museum has a different focus and shares a new view of the province's history.

Moose Jaw is the home of the Snowbirds and is full of aviation history. As I was searching for my hat, I checked out the airplane that smokejumpers used back in the day. If you are not familiar with the Snowbirds, tehy are officially known as 431 Air Demonstration Squadron and are the military aerobatics of air show flight demostration team of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Despite the bird's eye view, I still couldn't find my hat, so the journey continued.

Fozzy told me that he heard Wakamow Valley has over 20km of trails to walk or bike. He led me down every path, and even though there was no sign of the Grinch or my hat, didn't find the hat, the trails were so fun! It is incredible to see how all over Saskatchewan there are hiking and bike trails that will take you from average to adventure just minutes from your town.

It might be the last time I let Fozzy call the shots about where we go because he will take me down every trail in the province! Nevertheless, my iconic Saskatchewanderer hat is still missing, but the search continues!