Ness Creek Music Festival

Posted Jeff's 2012 Adventure
After my stand-off with the beaver (with the winner undecided), and another night in my campsite near the beach, I happily made my way to the Ness Creek Music Festival, just west of Prince Albert National Park near Big River. With a killer lineup of musical talent that spans from Saskatchewan to the rest of Canada, it was a MUST-see for me. Plus, there's a slew of other activities to do like hit the beach at Nesslin Lake, attend the Drum & Dance Circle, Community Kitchen, Eco-Village and farmers' markets, various children's activities, and more. There's a bit of something for everyone, I think!  It's a bit hard to find, a kind of "blink and you miss it" kind of place, but I don't think they mind. I found a spot, quite far from the stages where I set up my tent, got my things together, and made for the festival. The thing that stood out for me the most was the friendliness of everyone there. With greetings of "Happy Ness" and smiles all around, people were just glad to be there. I'm sure that this isn't just a weekend away for most, but a happy reunion of sorts, meeting friends that they had met at last year's Ness Creek.

Saskatoon's Castle River playing on the main stage.
As I wandered over to the stages, and ate a box of asian noodles from the Thai food stand, the live music was just getting underway.  The evening continued as bands took to the stage, including great local Saskatoon artists Castle River, who I'd never heard from before, and some I'd heard of, like Hey Ocean! and The Besnard Lakes.  All of which made for an incredibly lively and entertaining evening.  Mixed with the night sky and the one-of-a-kind boreal forest as the setting, I'd say Ness Creek is a music festival like no other! I must say that I did retire earlier than most, once I eventually found my campsite in the boonies, far from civilization…