New Discovery at the RSM

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Drum roll, please!

You may remember Dr. Emily Bamforth from the T.rex Discovery Centre piece in Eastend, who works at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM). 

After meeting Dr. Emily, she invited me to come and join her team on a trip to see if they could find more dinsaur bones. I kindly passed on the invitation, as I was off to my next adventure! This time I missed a big one, as Dr. Emily and team made the discovery of the year on that trip!

They found a Prognathodon, also know as 'T.rex of the sea' because of their massive skulls and teeth adapted for a mixture of cutting and crushing. 

This new specimen will be housed at the RSM and is expected to be part of new fossil exhibits planned for the museum in three to four years. There are always something new at the RSM!

For all of those involved in this discovery and future exhibit of it, I salute you. Because of people like you, all of us will be able to learn and enjoy!

Learn more about the international research at the RSM or find out more about visiting this provincial museum at the RSM's website.

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