Nistowiak Falls And Back

Posted Play • Kevin's 2018 Adventure

I was lucky to experience what I thought was the ultimate Saskatchewan adventure! I joined an amazing group of riders on a “Fat-bike Expedition” from Stanley Mission to Nistowiak Falls and back.


This was one of my highlights as the 2018 Saskatchewanderer, and it’s an experience like no other that I highly recommend others try.


The landscape in this part of the province is something else that you don’t expect to see here in Saskatchewan. The further North you travel, bedrock begins to appear exposing incredible open face cliffs and jagged up-rises. In Northern Saskatchewan, you will find lakes that stretch beyond the horizon, and waterfalls tucked within the boreal forest. It’s something you must see.



Beginning at Stanley Mission, we explored on our bikes across the frozen lake, through the trees and around the bends and many islands until we reached our destination, “Nistowiak Falls” where we stayed in the cozy cabins at Jim’s Camp.



For more on this adventure, or if have questions about this expedition, contact the Boreal Outdoor Recreation Association out of La Ronge through Facebook.