Nuit Blanche YXE

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Culture Days in Saskatchewan is here!

3,2,1 . . . bring on the darkness and let the arts shine! I had a blast exploring my home city of Saskatoon through the lens of darkness and light.

Nuit Blanche YXE is a global art movements that arrived in Saskatchewan in 2014. Overtaking multiple venues and city streets throughout Saskatoon's core neighbourhoods, Nuit Blanche Saskatoon features projections, scultural installations, performances, music, theatre and other forms of contemporary art to wow festitval-goers late into the night.

My favourite pieces were Richard Miller creates music with lasers and a Moog keyboard. All my senses were engaged in a futuristic starscape (George Lucas would have felt right at home!).

I was swept up in an interactive dance experience called "Duet-Would you care to dance?" by Free Flow Dance Centre where the performers danced with me through a window, swirling in deep symbolism. I've got two left feet, but they were professionals who made me feel like one of them!

I was completely absorbed in an immersive art installation called "Handmade Lilliputian" by Andrei Ferheregyhazi, a local digital artist who is on the leading edge of his art form.

The fun folks from Saskatoon Cycles zipped around by bicycle to each performance. Blending bikes with the arts is the ultimate convergence of my two passions.

Small Talk Opera is a single-channel moving image installation that explores meaning through the language of small talk as a vital form of communication that helps to provide a foundation for a deeper conversation and connection. The work is a collaboration between interdiscplinary artist Russian/Canadian Evgenia Mikhaylova and the Saskatoon Opera.

Nuit Blanche is another peak of the Saskatchewan arts experience. Be sure to mark this one on your calendars for next year!

Click here for more information about upcoming Culture Days events around Saskatchewan.

(For the Fozzy Fan Club, sorry no pics of Fozzy this time, he was home catching up on his Netflix shows last night!)

Stay artsy Saskatchewan!