Over the Hill goes above and beyond

Posted Entrepreneurs • Tourism Saskatchewan

From May 24-30, it’s officially Tourism Week in Saskatchewan. 


Although it might seem strange to celebrate tourism in these times, it’s actually the perfect time to celebrate tourism. Typically hundreds, if not thousands of families contribute to our tourism sector by delighting visitors with experiences, delicious food and beverage, adventures, and more. So it’s in these times that we celebrate those who have bravely marched on in a climate that has all odds against them succeeding.


I decided to drive to Lumsden and drop in on the Kreutzer family. Dean and Sylvia are the dynamic husband and wife team who own and operate Over the Hill Orchards & Winery. Recently they’ve found their dining room empty and the usual stream of visitors scarce with the new Covid regulations in place.

However, Dean chose to switch gears a bit and highlight something he’s really passionate about: container gardening. And more specifically, empowering others to grow their own food. 

The Kreutzer’s have come up with a very simple concept in the form of grow bags—an eco-friendly, sturdy bag with soil and seeds that are already growing well on their way. People can take them home and simply put them on their patio, in their yard, and bring them inside if it gets a little chilly.  

When people think of gardening, sometimes they envision having to dig up a portion of their backyard to have a decent plot of soil for growing, but in fact, you can grow all types of fruits and vegetables from these bags. Potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, asparagus, onions, and more. Did you know you can enjoy strawberries into October? As long as your bag has a sunny spot, you can grow many things indoors and not even worry about a greenhouse. 

When I arrived at the orchard, they had dozens of these bags prepped and ready for customers to come pick up. It was very cool to see them come up with something so simple that empowers others to grow their own food. Not to mention, they’re still selling their delicious gluten free pies and tarts, fruit wines, and more. 

So here’s to Over the Hill going above and beyond and carrying on no matter what. For more, visit overthehillorchards.ca.