Pam Rauscher - Combined Lab X Ray Tech

Posted Neil's 2016 Adventure

After responding to a job posting on Facebook, lab/x-ray tech Pam Rauscher found herself moving from Mackenzie, British Columbia, to Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, this past March. The move was a smooth transition. The landscape was a significant change, but for her Assiniboia has the same small-town friendly vibe as her former home.
Growing up, Pam was always interested in science and was exposed to a health care laboratory during work experience in high school. She always wanted to work in health care, but wasn’t overly interested in becoming a nurse. After attending school in Alberta, Pam became a combined laboratory x-ray technician and now works at the Assiniboia Union Hospital. It’s a health profession much in demand in rural Saskatchewan. When asked about her favorite part of the job, Pam explained the large variety in work is very engaging - any given day can consist of conducting diagnostic x-rays, collecting blood samples and performing chemical analysis.


Pam mentioned that although she enjoyed the fast pace working in a hospital in northern British Columbia, the slower paced work environment in Assiniboia was nice change. She also noted that being a combined lab x-ray tech is a demanding position and requires constant furthering of education as new technologies and practices are adopted.
Outside of work, Pam has been busy exploring Saskatchewan. She has been camping in Meadow Lake with her younger brother who now lives in Regina. She has also visited Cypress Hills, the St. Victor Petroglyphs, and has kayaked on Thompson Lake. Pam reiterated a few times that the only thing necessary in finding adventure is your own initiative and a positive outlook on your surroundings.