Prince Albert Part 2

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Little Red River is a fantastic group of trails just outside Prince Albert that is a paradise for hikers and cyclists and soon will become epic terrain for cross country skiers.

The paths can be a bit sandy, so I recommend big tires on your bikes. I can't wait to come back with my cross country skiing gear, I am curious to see if I can manage the roller coaster hills! Thankfully I managed to cycle the hills with all the skin on my knees and elbows intact, victory!

You'll remember I left the last post on a bit of a cliffhanger since I had not overly familarized myself with a map of the trails.I glanced at my watch and suddenly realized I had to get back in time for my Jiu-Jitsu class! Feeling a bit turned around, I wasn't sure which way to go to get back to the car. Of course, my phone battery was dead and it was getting dark, not my finest Saskatchewandering. That's when I had many people would call a 'Lassie' moment, except for me it was a Fozzy moment. I said "Fozzy, let's go back to the car!" and right away he led me all the way through the network of trails back to the car. What a good boy! He got lots of treats for navigating with that wagging red tail. It was supper time, which may have given Fozzy extra motivation.

Thanks to Fozzy I was right on time for my Jui-Jitsu class with black belt instructor and all-around ninja Lucien Phillips from North Wake Martial Arts which is the school where I actually got my first stripe on my belt when I was cycling northern Saskatchewan five years ago.

After a great class, my heart was happy buy my stomach was hungry! Lucky me, Prince Albert is home to an incredible Indian Restaurant. The Spice Trail Restaurant and Lounge Trishna, is one of the greatest culinary experiences in Prince Albert, offering an elegant fusion-style atmosphere and menu. I enjoyed a magnificent mango lassi and Tandori sizzler. This is one of the most ambient and fun dining experiences I could have imagined to top off my day.

After such a globetrotting meal, I was in the mood to explore more of the arts and culture scene in Prince Albert. EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts is home to the Mann Art Gallery and the Olive and John Diefenbaker Theatre, a beautiful venue with some of the greatest sound and lighting in Saskatchewan.

My inner performer couldn't resist, and I was delighted to be given permission to jump on stage and recite my spoken word composition, but unfortuntely, there was no one in the audience this time.

I love that in the heart of the north there is such an amazing venue for our local and international artists to perform and showcase their work. 

Thank for joining me on my absolutely awesome trip to Prince Albert! See yah next time!