Prince Albert Visit

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Looks like the wolfpack made it to Prince Albert!

Prince Albert is the third most populous city in Saskatchewan and is an important hub for smaller communitiies in the north. I can always feel the spirit of the north once I get to Prince Albert. It's likely you'll hear someone speaking Cree at the supermarket, or a mix of Dene and English in a restaurant, Prince Albert represents the mosaic of the north.

Every day is an adventure in Saskatchewan and today I got powered up with the perfect cup of coffee at Funky Fresh Bistro Cafe owner, Melanie Quintal is a super funky person with a sweet talent -- she's also a chocolatier who studied chocolate making with Belgian masters. She invited me to her chocolate shop just beside the bistro and wow those chocolates were just so delicious!

With my yearly quota of chocolate consumed in less than 20 minutes, I was ready to burn some calories! My first stop was the Prince Albert Historical Museum located in an old fire hall and with a beautiful location beside the North Saskatchewan River. I was really impressed by their collection, my favourite piece was the hundred-year-old canoe made out of a single tree! I think it's so cool that visitors can request access to museum archives so you can read the newspaper from the day you were born, or check and see what your grandparents might have been up to on a particular day.

Fozzy let me know that nature was calling, so the red dog and I were advised to check out the awesome bike trails at Little Red River. After more than six months of being the Saskatchewanderer, I felt pretty confident to hit the trails without spending too much time looking at the map beforehand. Suffice it to say, such an attitude was a bit of a mistake this time, the network of trails was more complicated than I anticipated!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Prince Albert adventure to find out how I managed to get out of the bush and back on the right path!