Pulses and Lentils and Beer, Oh My

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When you think about beer and what goes in it, most people will list the four common ingredients: grain, hops, yeast and water. However, Rebellion Brewing in Regina is pushing the boundaries of what beer drinkers are accustomed to. Late in 2015 they introduced Saskatchewan to a lentil cream ale and by all accounts it’s being welcomed with open arms - and open mouths. Cream ales are normally made with malt barley and inexpensive extras such as rice or fructose corn syrup. Using lentils makes for a richer flavor and creamier body. As an added bonus, lentils, like all pulses, are a great source of protein and fibre. If you’re interested in trying this unique Saskatchewan beer, head over to Louis’ Pub in Saskatoon or Rebellion Brewing’s Taproom in Regina.