Rawhides Bistro & Saloon!

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Just off Highway 9, less than one hour north of Yorkton, the old community school in Stenen, Saskatchewan has been transformed into a flourishing establisment. 

Open since 2012, the year of Stenen's 100th anniversary, Rawhides Bistro & Saloon is both a gathering place for the community and a worthwhile destination for travelers to East-Central Saskatchewan. Featuring an event centre, massive outdoor patio, jukebox, campground and beach volleyball courts, the country-themed spot is known for its excellent customer service and friendly atmosphere. This was my first visit and I can't wait to go back with friends and family for food, drinks, games and lots of fun!

Rawhides Bistro & Saloon in Stenen, Saskatchewan has a pretty interesting story! To learn more, visit http://rawhides.ca/