Regina Food Bank

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Growing up in Chile, it was all about soccer and empanadas. Here in Saskatchewan, I learned about the Riders, bannock and of course pierogies!

Here's a video I did at the Conexus Credit Union Commerial Kitchen at the Regina and District Food Bank, where, to my surprise, Chef Chad Forrest was preparing my beloved empandas with a Saskatchewan twist.

I recently heard about the Farmers Feeding Families partnership between Viterra and the Regina Food Bank and had to learn more. Through this partnership, Viterra purchases 100 tonnes of pulses such as lentils, each year to donate to the Regina Food Bank and include in its hampers.

Another cool pary of this partnership is the Conexus Credit Union Commerical Kitchen, where Regina Food Bank Chef Chad Forrest is teaching individuals and volunteers how to use pulses in your everday recipes.

Did you know that Saskatchewan is home to more than 40% of Canada's cultivated farmland and produces 35% of the world's pulses?

A special thank you to the Regina Food Bank for showing me behind the scenes of their inspiring and belly-filling orgranization and an extra special thanks to Conexus and farmers all across the province for the heart-filled support they bring to the Saskatchewan community at so many levels.

To learn more or get involved in a Saskatchewan food bank nearest to you, visit here.