Route 26 in St. Walburg

This was such an incredible roadside stop. Seriously, so quaint and perfect. People from all over flock to Route 26 Coffee House in St. Walburg and I can see why. It might have one of the most immersive ambiences I’ve ever experienced. With country music filling the area, the entire grounds transport you to another place. A simpler, happier time for sure :)
Inside there are dozens of eye-catching artifacts, and outside they have many places to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
They also carry local products handmade by various artisans in their ‘Artisan’s Garage’, don’t miss it at the back of the property!
And to top it off, fresh handmade baking (think cinnamon knots, scones, rotating donut flavours), fresh lunches, and every delicious drink you could think of. This is one for the Saskatchewan books for sure!