Sask Fashion Week Does its Final Turn on the Catwalk


During the past eight years, Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SFW) has established itself as an annual staple for many across the province and country. Coincidentally, eight years ago I left the province to pursue my education, limiting my knowledge of the event to social media posts and hearsay. I always knew it was the source of great pride in Saskatchewan, but I was unaware of the sheer magnitude of this annual showcase. In spite of the elite status garnered by SFW, the community is nothing but inclusive. The audience ranged from chic fashion enthusiasts, to mellow-clad tagalongs. For many, the Regina Sound Stage served as a safe space to wear a bold ensemble that one might be apprehensive to wear under regular circumstances. This resulted in a fun and colourful spectating environment, complimenting the aesthetic marvel taking place on the catwalk.


In spite of everyone’s celebratory dispositions, there was a bittersweet cloud that hovered over the weekend. It was announced earlier this year that this would be the final year of Fashion Week. The announcement raised a few eyebrows given the undeniable success of the event, year after year. It has since become clear that the event's prosperity wasn’t a variable in this decision. When I asked Chris Pritchard, the Co-founder and President of SFW, to make a statement on the matter he gladly replied with the following:


“We have always put a lot of effort into every detail of this project, no matter how big or small, so we, of course, want to make sure we have a cool ending too. SFW existed to help build a spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration which really wasn’t being talked about almost 10 years ago when we started, so it was important for us to be a large centre for that for a while… but flash forward to today our entrepreneur obsessed culture continues to grow, disperse, and dilute, we realize we are at a peak moment, and that we don’t need to be this massive single event anymore, we recognize this as an opportunity to close our doors as is, on our own terms, and let new ones open, and are excited pass the torch, and support all the new things that are developing and see this movement and creative culture continue forward.”


For a more visual perspective on what Saskatchewan Fashion Week has to offer, watch the following video which includes an exclusive interview with SFW fan-favourite, Laurie Brown.

To learn more about Saskatoon's own, Laurie Brown go to: