Sask Soul Winter Fest

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Despite the perks of my position, it doesn’t go without some challenging days. Although I wouldn’t trade it for the world, the workload and travel can be anxiety-inducing for even the most grounded of candidates. With the excitement and pressure that comes with the job description, it’s easy to make “self-care” the hindmost of my priorities. Ironically, my workload was what brought me to an event where I was gently forced to be still, and breathe for the entirety of a day.


This event was the Sask Soul Winter Fest at the Local & Fresh event space in Regina. Sask Soul Fest is a daylong Yoga and Meditation retreat which was launched this past Summer in Wascana Park. Following its inaugural season, the organizers decided that we shouldn’t have to wait until summer for a little soul-cleansing. Enter: Sask Soul WINTER Fest! Scheduled right at the kick-off of the spring equinox, there's no better time to check-in with yourself and recharge for the upcoming seasons.


Even as someone with an intermediate background in yoga, the thought of twelve hours committed to the practice was admittedly daunting. Once I saw the day’s itinerary, however, I was sold on the wide variety of events and teachings. In addition to multiple styles of yoga, there was an astrology class, a panel of inspirational speakers, guided meditations, a gong-bath, and live music. There was also a market with local vendors where we could shop between classes. Everyone was welcome and there were no prerequisites in regards to experience. All practices were adaptable to accommodate everyone.


The day flew by, and I began to question if I was even conscious for all of it. It’s possible that I might have dozed off during Yin Yoga - but I think that means I was doing it right. Regardless, it was the perfect reset button I needed to shake the weight of the winter. I’m looking forward to the possibility of doing it all again in July when Sask Soul Fest hosts their summer festivities!



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