My SaskatcheSelfie!

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Do you ever find yourself in the right place at the right time? Well, here is my story:

I was on my way to Watrous when I decided to stop in the town of Young, Saskatchewan. I was looking for photo opportunities and after some shots with the mural that stands before the community, I headed toward the grain elevator across the highway. While waiting for the train to cross, the owner of the grain elevator, Sherry, noticed the "CAA Wanderer Mobile" and asked if I was interested in a tour of the elevator... Right place, right time!

Not only did I have an opportunity to explore the elevator, but I was led to the top to check out the attic, how many people can say they have had a chance to do that? To get to the top, there were only two ways up: Climb a ladder straight up 50 feet and don't look down, or sqeeze inside a one-person elevator chamber pulling yourself up with a rope until you reach the top. After a short tutorial, I chose the self-propelled elevator. 

At the top, one of the maintenance workers showed me around and we eventually got to a place where we couldn't climb any further. There were a few windows I could peek out to take pictures, but it was the skylight vent that landed me the greatest selfie I've ever taken! 

There I was with a 360-degree view of the town of Young all because I decided to take a pit-stop in small town Saskatchewan!