Saskatchewan Legislature Building

Posted Kevin's 2018 Adventure

Overlooking Wascana Lake in Regina sits one of our province's gems - the Saskatchewan Legislature.

I haven't been to the Leg since I was in elementary school, but once I caught a glimpse of that new dome glimmering on the horizon, I just knew that another tour was long over due in my life. 

With an amazing tour guide at my side, we began walking up the grand stairs toward the Legislature Central Chamber and reached an area referred to as the Rotunda. From there I gazed upon marble pillars, the decorated dome ceiling and two massive murals that you simply cannot miss. All the while my guide Arnold was explaining to me the construction of the building and commenting on the architecture that surrounded us. 

There was no shortage of art on this tour. Arnold with his wealth of knowledge made sure that I knew who each of the artists were and their background before leaving. 

After the rotunda, we headed towards the "Legislature Assembly Chamber". Here is where debates take place and decisions are made. It was fascinating having the opportunity to sit down in the public viewing box and visualize past sessions. 

You might be surprised to know that the Legislature Library is open to the public, and houses various collections that are available to you and government employees alike. It's a beautiful place, so go check it out some time! 

Here is a look at the Cabinet Room where 'closed door meetings' are held. I wonder how they got that big table in there? Hmmm.

Nearing the end of my tour we headed to an area located directly below the Rotunda to a room filled with portraits of past Premiers of Saskatchewan. Arnold also took time to show me the portraits of past Lieutenant Governors, House Speakers and Indigenous Leaders of Saskatchewan. 

Honestly guys, I had a fantastic experience and learned so much in such a short period of time. From it's amazing architectural features, beautiful public art displays, learning its rich history formed by years gone past - a tour of the Saskatchewan Legislature is a must. 

Special Thanks to Arnold Mckenzie for the great tour!

Kevin Dunn