Saskatoon's Rifle and Revolver Club

Wandered my way out to the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation to meet with Mike Charters who is a member of the Saskatoon Rifle and Revolver Club. He graciously brought out a variety of different firearms for me to test on the targets in one of two indoor shooting ranges (they also have three outdoor ranges as well). Handguns used in the shooting sports range from traditional revolvers and pistols, to heavily modified versions. Mike brought out a variety for me to try, including a "4-click" Colt single-action army replica, two 1911 pistols by Browning (.45 ACP & a 9mm), a SIG Sauer P226 (with 9mm & a .22 calibre slide), a Henry lever-action rifle, a 9mm carbine, and a .22 AR15 Smith & Wesson rifle (for those who are curious).
This shooting sport requires a great deal of skills for both accuracy and speed and can be fun or competitive. The club has sent several of their members to national and international competitions as well as most recently to compete at the PanAm games. The club holds regular weekly practices and all skill levels are welcome to come and check it out. They hold both fun and competitive matches throughout the year as well! If you would like more information, check out their website.