Your Trades Career Starts Here

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Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre (STSC) is a non-profit organization that helps equip employers with skilled workers by helping students learn the basic skills of a trade, which then can lead to the beginning of a rewarding career. 

Since 2008, STSC has delivered a total of 141 programs to help connect local employers with skilled workers. 

"We work with employers to find out what their labour needs are, and then we'll desgin a training program to equip students with the skills they need to do the work," said Donavon Elliott, Executive Director at STSC.

The training provided at STSC does not cost the employer or the students. In fact, students get paid to show up and learn! STSC provides basic tools sets, personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as paid work experience. The training that the students recieve counts towards apprenticeship, which can give students a head start on beoming a journeyperson. 

With courses that fit the employers requirements, such as safety certification and essential work skills, students receive a one-week work placement with an employer once they finish their course. It's as simple as that — if you do well, you get hired!

"At STSC, We don't train for training, we train for employment," said Jack Seel, Career Coach at STSC. 

STSC believes that inclusion, accountability, collaboration, and innovation, are key attributes to success!

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