Saskatooning From The Air!

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This was something I had been looking forward to for sometime. Stepping into an airplane that seats only three, and taking off to an altitude of 3,500 feet. The anticipation did not disappoint - the view outside my foggy window was one i'll never forget. 

There is quite a difference between seeing the land below from inside a small airplane compared to a large traditional passenger aircraft. On a passenger flight, the pilots are in comand alone in the cockpit, and you sit back and enjoy the ride. On this flight, I was in the front seat, next to the pilot with the controls right in front of me! We chatted through headsets and flew over parts of Saskatoon that you normally don't see on a large aircraft flight. I was incredibly thrilled to have this experience!

We flew over parts of Saskatoon's downtown, making laps up and down the river from the University of Saskatchewan to Queen Elizabeth Power Station. While taking as many photos as possible with my DSLR and phone, I took time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Saskatoon. 

With the blue sky reflecting on the South Saskatchewan River, the water was incredibly vibrant. From our height, we could see how intensely the river curves and winds through Saskatoon, it appeared never ending. It gives you a different perspective of how the river interacts with the city and prairie landscape. 

Although I wasn't piloting the plane, this experience felt like being in the drivers seat. You could feel the wind move over the wings and turbulence would hit us and we would suddenly drop, then raise back up. I felt more like being a bird in the sky than a plane ride. I've Saskatoon'ed before, but after this opportunity, Saskatoon'ing from the air reached a new all-time height!

Shout out to Saskatoon's Millennium Aviation LTD ( Link: Millennium Aviation is a full service flight training operation based at Saskatoon airport, where the mom and pop business owned by Cecil and Kay Sorenson, focuses on high quality training and a welcoming atmosphere for those who want to learn to fly. 

Thank you for reading!