Skydive Saskatoon

Posted Zane's 2019 Adventure

Saskatchewan is home to two accredited skydiving centers: Skydive Saskatoon in...well...Saskatoon and Skydive South Sask in Moose Jaw. Since former Wanderer, Andrew Hiltz used the services of the latter, I thought I should see what the Saskatoon area has to offer an adrenaline junkie such as myself.


With over 10,000 jumps under their belt, Skydive Saskatoon offers both solo jump courses and tandem jump experiences. Each participant has the option of doing either a 10,000 ft jump or an 8,000 ft jump. I decided to go big or go home and do the full 10k as shown in the video below:





To learn more about Saskatoon Skydive go to: