Snowmobile Culture

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Each year the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association chooses a local community to host its annual Provincial Snowmobile Festival - and in 2018, the Kelvington Trailblazers Snowmobile Club won that bid. The club consists of almost 70 volunteers who help maintain over 455 kilometres of trails in the Porcupine Forest and surrounding municipalities. 

I'd like to start off with saying I am not an expert snowmobiler. Some called me a "greenhorn" because this was my first time experiencing the joys of hopping onto a sled. Honestly, I was not expecting such a rush! Reaching 0-60 in a matter of seconds made me ask myself: "Why haven't I snowmobiled before???"

With 455 kilometres of marked and groomed trails, the terrain is incredibly diverse with frequently changing scenery throughout the day as we zipped through open fields and trees. 

The festival brought over 200 snowmobilers to the area for a weekend of sledding and entertainment, creating valuable economic spin-off for the town and its surrounding communities. 

"It is rare for a community the size of Kelvington to host a festival like this, mainly because of the lack of lodging. We made it work by running shuttle buses to neighbouring communities that had additional space, all the while joining additional snowmobile clubs to help with the festival. So it's not just one club, it's multiple clubs and multiple communities that help put a festival like this on." - Bart Hartl

The Joy of the festival comes in where you meet like-minded people who also love the sport. It's an opportunity to talk to people from all over the province who you don't know - But quickly get to know. 

The snowmobile community in Saskatchewan continues to grow, and I encourage you to give snowmobiling a try... I may or may not have already started my search for my very own sled ;-)

Thanks for reading!