Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

It is believed that snowshoeing is at least 10,000 years old.

A First Nations invention, snowshoes help distribute the weight of a person while they walk or run over deep snow, preventing them from sinking too far in with every step. Originally made with wood and animal hides, these Indigenous tools allowed Indigenous peoples to travel vast distances and to hunt without making noise.

Snowshoeing has since become a popular Canadian pastime and as a new Canadian, of course I love snowshoeing. Being outside exploring with some friends, hot chocolate in your hands, that is what dreams are made of.

My first snowshoe adventure of the year was with Carrie Hildebrand from Living Sky Adventures in Saskatoon. She brought the snowshoes, the knowledge of the trails, great storytelling and delicious snacks. All I had to think about was having a good time. Thanks Carrie, for planning such a great day!

To set up an adventure day with your family and friends, you can book snowshoe rentals and full-on adventure days adjusted to all kinds of fitness levels and adventurer spirits through Living Sky Adventures.

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