Officially the Sofawanderer! (For now)

Well, it was a tight race between Saskcouchwanderer and Sofawanderer—are you guys in your living rooms much these days or what? ;)

Thanks for voting! The winning suggestion came from @Partunia on Twitter.

Today on the show, I de-stressed by doing an amazing virtual yoga class with Denise Leduc at Living Sky Yoga & Fitness. Her studio is in Davidson but she has fully taken her classes online. It was so simple yet very relaxing and just what I needed. What was really cool is that Denise was doing a ‘Karma class’, meaning it was a pay-what-you-can donation and proceeds were given to a local charity. My class was in support of Moon Time Sisters—a great cause that helps women in Northern communities access feminine products.

Next up I spoke with Raquel Wenarchuk about her website She is a writer herself, reviews books, and an avid reader. Every year, her and her grandma go to the Festival of Words in Moose Jaw. She hopes there is a chance for an event this year, but in the meantime she’ll do her best to stay busy reading and blogging. She recommended Tunnels of Time: A Moose Jaw Adventure by Mary Harelkin Bishop to pass the time with a good story!

We had a quick commercial break with our friends from Conexus, and they shared with me how easy it is to do all of your banking at home, and the importance of limiting branch visits during this time.

And finally, I ended by chatting with the 2017 Saskatchewanderer Andrew Hiltz! We had a great catch up and he shared his favourite ‘sky-high’ memory as wanderer (Shoutout to 15 Wing Moose Jaw!).

We also said ‘cheers’ and sipped on some delicious local spirits. Andrew opted for a Milk Stout from Black Bridge Brewery (Swift Current) and Sports from Malty National Brewery (Regina). My treat was the ever-smooth Granny’s Gin from Last Mountain Distillery in Lumsden.

That was all for this week, see you next Friday!