Stockholm's Outdoor Classroom!

Posted Live • Kevin's 2018 Adventure

Stockholm is a village of 300 people located 16 kilometres north of the Qu'Appelle Valley, and this awesome little community is home to one of Saskatchewan's outdoor classrooms. 

MacDonald School's outdoor classroom has a greenhouse, garden spaces, plenty of leeway to adventure in the trees, and an area with chickens, goats and other animals. This classroom is inspired by Saskatchewan's natural environment. 

I spent a good part of the day meeting students and staff who are passionate about hands-on learning. Reg Leidl, Principal of MacDonald School, has one purpose in mind - for kids to use the outdoor classroom as much as possible. Reg is a champion for the Framework for Recreation in Canada, and an advocate of connecting people with nature. This classroom is a great way to showcase that. Students learn everything from how long it takes to incubate eggs, to different wildlife around the area, to how to feed different types of goats. 

The outdoor classroom was built two years ago in the school's own backyard. The entire school, from kindergarten to grade 9, participates in nature play and exploration that is closely related to the students interests. 

With plenty of space to run around, a small forest and animals to take care of, this is one cool outdoor classroom that has students in Stockholm excited about going to school everyday. 

Know what I learned? Discovering something new + having freedom to explore = happy smiling faces. Think recess... with learning! I wish I had this experience when I was growing up! 

Thanks for reading!