The Adventure Begins at Porcupine Hills

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My most recent adventure was to Porcupine Hills, Saskatchewan's newest provincial park. Located south of Hudson Bay, there are five recreational sites: Mcbride Lake, Saginas Lake Pepaw Lake, Parr Hill, and Woody River. This was a new destination for me, and I didn't know what to expect. 

This area has landscapes that transition from meadows to lakes to rolling hills covered with trees. The whole area was breathtaking!

Porcupine Hills Provincial Park is a great wilderness experience. It felt incredibly remote, yet not very far from nearby communities. The trees were mostly old growth and the rich vegetation was somthing that really stood out for me. 

The regiona's natural beauty and rich indigenous history remains much the same as it always has. Campsites and recreational grounds have been kept small yet simple, ensuring the long-term protection of the landscape and cultural values of the area.

This region has some of the most spectacular rolling hills I have seen in the province. With lakes that curve around each bend. Being September, the fall colours were gorgeous, but this is an area that would be beautiful at any time of the year. A trip to Porucpine Hills Provincial Park is one you should definitely add on your travel Bucket list.