The Dead South

Posted Live Music • Andrew's 2017 Adventure
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    a bluish-green grass that was introduced into North America from northern Europe. It is widely grown for fodder, especially in Kentucky and Virginia.
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    a kind of country music influenced by jazz and blues and characterized by virtuosic playing of banjos and guitars and high-pitched, close-harmony vocals.


The grass is blue in Regina, Saskatchewan, home of this boot stompin', finger snappin' foursome, The Dead South. Nate, Danny, Scott and recent addition Eliza have just completed a tour of Western Canada and are set to tour Europe in May. This past weekend in Langenburg I caught them live, and before the show I had a chance to chat with the band, whose latest album, Illusion & Doubt, was voted #1 in SaskMusic's The Best Saskatchewan Album of 2016 contest.

After a Pilsner and a little small talk, it didn't take much convincing to get a backstage performance, and they even agreed to strap my GoPro on a few instruments!

As expected, the sold-out show was a blast. Dressed in their signature white shirts, black suspenders, black pants and travelers' hats, the group had as much fun on stage as their fans in the crowd. The community of Langenburg was pumped to have the band in town and they didn't hide it.

I hope you enjoy the short video from the show, and be sure to check out their backstage performance as well!