The Gateway to the North: Prince Albert

Posted Jeff's 2012 Adventure
Yep… they've done it again.  Everytime I visit a new city, it really seems like they go all-out in planning, organizing, and overall making me feel really great about being there, and Prince Albert was no different.  Hey, it makes my job easier by just getting to tag along! Mara Selanders and I had an entire day packed with different things to do, and we jumped right in.  I guess that was after I showed up at the wrong meeting place, 15 minutes later than when we agreed!  However, Mara was super forgiving and we eventually got on our way.  She keeps a blog about her experiences in Prince Albert, favourite places to eat, shop, and sightsee, and so she was indeed the best tour guide I could have asked for.  First up was wall climbing at the Alfred Jenkins Field House.  That's the second time this summer climbing for me, and I'm really not sure if I showed any improvement!  Next we took to the pool at the Kinsmen Water Park, or I should say more accurately, the hot tub.  That was pretty much the time when I noticed another slightly annoying visitor following us wherever we went - hurricane-force winds!  That wasn't enough to sway our plans though, and it made for fun biking later that day. After a DEE-licious lunch at Amy's on Second, complete with oh-so-good cheesecake for dessert, we checked out the skateboard park.  We even tried our hand at it ourselves, but as both of us were far from comfortable stepping on to a skateboard, it was more of a fight to stand up!  We then visited every museum in town, from the Heritage Museum to the Diefenbaker House.  Talk about getting things done!  Interestingly, I learned that John G. Diefenbaker had a love for fishing, that he shared with Winston Churchill, and also a direct phone line with the queen.  Is that even possible anymore? To end our crazy day, we picked up some awesome mountain bikes from Fresh Air Experience, a local bike/sport shop, and made it to Little Red River Park for a little trip.  Cheers to whoever decided to build the swinging bridge there, because it's so much fun! When all was said and done, Mara and I were tired, but both so very happy with our day.  She's a very enthusiastic individual who shared her love of the city with me, and I definitely got the chance to see what she was so excited about.  From the location to the people, Prince Albert is, simply put, an extraordinary place.