The Great Saskatchewan Outback

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From plains to dense forest and through mud and snow, I went on one of my biggest adventures this fall to an area called Pasquia Hills, near Carrot River. I hopped on for an exciting side-by-side ATV thrill ride and toured deep into the back country, travelling as far as the outer edge of Wildcat Hill Provincial Wilderness Park. 

So what is Saskatchewan's Outback? Carrot River is SASKATCHEWAN'S OUTBACK. 

"With fringing lakes, rivers, forests and the Pasquia Hills, everything we do is outback... that's life here." — Town of Carrot River

Right after parking the CAA Wanderermobile, I got my first taste of what my day exploring "the outback" was going to be like. This was something totally new for me, I had never gone ATVing before. With one of the biggest outdoor playgrounds in their own backyard and having plans for guided tours in the near future, this is a community attraction that everyone should try. From my experience, this adventure is perfect for those looking for an opportunity to discover an area close to town, yet, once you are off the beaten path, it feels as though you're in the middle of nowhere. 

With the hills being located close to Carrot River, the community offers a wide range of options for people who are looking to visit or stay a while. Hotels and accommodations offer full-service amenitites and the Carrot River Inn is the perfect place to stay no matter the occasion. Looking for a place to stock up or sit comfortably for a bite to eat before exploring the hills? There are ten eateries in town with a variety of choices; stop at Prairie Angel Bakery and Patisserie for a hot bowl of chili or a freshly made Boston Crème! The bakery is one stop that's a must while visiting town. 

There's also the outback businesses that stand out; stop by Trapline Creations and find yourself a walking stick or apparel designed and inspired by the outdoors, or take a walk-in at the Birch Road Gallery / Carrot River Valley Studio Trail. These among many other places in the community of Carrot River are available for all your needs, sticking to the "local first local always" saying in smaller communities. 

Whether you are entering the community for your first time or planning an outdoor adventure, try exploring Saskatchewan's Outback, you never know what your next discovery might be!

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