The Importance of Irrigation

Posted Kevin's 2018 Adventure

Close to the community of Outlook, I stopped by Golden Dee Farms LTD, where I met with grain farmer Anthony Eliason. I spent the day touring his farm and learning everything from the types of irrigation systems available, to where the water comes from and is transferred to the field. On this day, Anthony showed me the system that he uses, and what's involved in operating a centre-pivot irrigation system. 

Centre-pivot is a type of irrigation commonly used in Saskatchewan, where water is dispersed through a long, segemented arm that covers a circular area from a quarter of a mile to a mile in diameter. There are approximately 350,000 total irrigated acres in Saskatchewan, where water often gets channeled from places like lake Diefenbaker or other nearby reservoirs. 

Irrigation plays a major role in Saskatchewan, and it helps grow more diverse crops, making agriculture more sustainable in our province.