The Majestic Boreal Forest

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Come with me to the majestic boreal forest of Great Blue Heron Provincial Park!

Settled into my cozy cabin at Land of the Loon Resort in Anglin Lake, Fozzy and I started our day reading a book by the fire and getting prepared for the fall forest adventures that lay ahead.

Land of the Loon Resort is located just a stone's throw from some of the coolest hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and of course my favourite - cycling trails!

Regina-based cycling enthusiast Brandon Wright, hit the trails with me. As soon as we left the porch of the cabin, we were instantly immersed in a kaleidoscopic landscape of leave and fiery autumn colours. The trail led us to a bridge area where we found tables and fireplaces for visitors to enjoy. What a picture-perfect place for a picnic.

The first trail we cycled is called the Channel Trail. This trail is a gentle ride. It will bring you to the other side of Anglin Lake where Brandon and I had a lunch break. After lunch, we started gaining a bit more altitude and the trail became hilly. With all of these ups and downs, I can see myself coming back to cross country ski here. Before long, we reached the first shelter at Moose Trail where a fireplace and even an outhouse is available for visitors. 

After a cup of tea, we bumped into another group of cyclists, Clarence and Brenda Hilderbrant from Prince Albert, just a 30-minute drive away. Just before sunset, we reached the fire tower, a shelter that used to be the summer house for the guardian of the fire tower and is now open to everyone to enjoy.

Back at the cabin, Brandon prepared moose burgers, a perfect Saskatchewan dinner to finish off this brilliant boreal adventure.

These accessible trails can be enjoyed by everyone, especially since it is possible to drive to the bridge and have a picnic or go fishing. There are many different trails adventures to choose from, according to fitness and comfort level. But most importantlt, there is abundant, breathtaking beauty for all of us to enjoy and take care of.

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