The Resort at Cypress Hills

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Deep in the forest, there exists a place of peace and wonder. A place I like to call an "unplug paradise". Here, you can sip hot chocolate and keep your pjs on all day long. Ski and dance together with your forest friends. Let nature recharge your soul.

This is exactly the kind of place I found when I visited the Resort at Cypress Hills, located inside an interprovincial park that unites the southern corners of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Fly down the mini luge track, wanderer through the forest by snowshoe, gaze at the night sky as a park interpreter guides you around the universe. And finish your day tasting high-end cuisine with an Asian twist, at Ivan's Restaurant.

My favourite moments were spent skiing the trails at night with my companions - the open skies, the light of the moon and a red dog. These memories of a fantastic day in winter paradise won't soon fade.

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