The Saskatchewan Food Centre

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The Saskatchewan Food Centre is a non-profit organization that offers full service assistance to food processors wanting to add value to their products for both domestic and international markets. The Food Centre is a place where Saskatchewan farmers and entrepreneurs go to create, package, market and distribute their unique food products. With two facilities located in Saskatoon, the Food Centre is Saskatchewan's only commercial incubation centre for food processing, which assists companies in accessing a larger market. 

The opening of the second Food Centre this year allows for more products to be processed in Saskatchewan, benefiting both producers and agri-business. More than 600 products have been developed at the facilities and approximately 50 per cent have made it to market; everything from meat, honey, granola bars, mustard, and pulse puffs. The Food Centre provides Saskatchewan food processors with innovative processing technologies and the expertise to incorporate local ingredients into successful food products, in turn highlighting the unique crops and ingredients Saskatchewan has to offer to the global food market. 

I had the opportunity to wander the two facilities where I discovered what goes into the making of a commercial food product. It was something else to visually experience what goes on behind closed doors. I was amazed by the stories of how the food products we see on the shelves are made, and the process that is involved, from the beginning of the ingredients, to the producing and then finally the packaging. It was incredibly informative getting a tour of this fascinating and enhanced Food Centre. It opens the doors to the discovery of new tastes and larger markets for local producers and entrepreneurs! 

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