This is not my first Rodeo Part 2

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

The Canadian Western Agribition was the ultimate Saskatchewan event, bringing together all the best elements of this province from bulls to BBQ, there's something for everyone!

Now that I've had my second stampede experience, I am even more aware of how stampede culture has been woven into the fabric of many Saskatchewan families for generations. Growing up on farms, many children are immersed in rodeo culture and animal care from the time they can walk. Having the opportunity to experience a stampede event, I am moved by the deep pride that these traditions carry in families and communities across the province.

Being up close and personal with the riders and their coaches at these events offers a unique view into the way rodeo dreams become glory-filled reality in just 10 seconds of excertion and intensity. The support from the crowd at these events is palpable. I could see the riders steeling themselves for the moment the gate opens, feeling the rhythmic expansion of the bull's breathing beneath them until the gates swing open and the bull jumps into action like the most powerful and unstoppable wind-up toy you've ever seen in your life!