Top 10 Adventures as the 2015 Saskatchewanderer

Posted Ashlyn's 2015 Adventure
It’s been a busy year traveling 37,400 kilometres across the province in 340 days attending more than 110 events. It was difficult to decide, but here are my top 10 adventures as the 2015 Saskatchewanderer. 10. Underground tour of Vanscoy’s Agrium Potash Mine I spent a lot of time in the sky flying during my year as the Saskatchewanderer but I also had the opportunity to travel one kilometre underground. Touring a potash mine, I learned about innovative technology designed and manufactured here in Saskatchewan. 9. Geological Rock Survey in Northern Saskatchewan Flying into Saskatchewan’s north was an exciting opportunity. From dancing northern lights and camping on an island to learning how valuable our geological resources are, spending a week in the Canadian Shield was a very unique experience. 8. Flying a Glider Gliding 3,000 feet above Cudworth, Sask. with the Saskatoon Soaring club had my adrenaline pumping. These gliders, flown without engines, depend solely on thermal air currents to fly. 7. Learning to Windsurf Taking advantage of Saskatchewan’s ample wind and water, and learning how to windsurf on Lake Diefenbaker was the perfect activity to try this autumn. Surprisingly, the water wasn’t too cold. 6. Exploring Saskatchewan’s Parks It was difficult to narrow down an adventure in only one Saskatchewan park. From Grasslands and Prince Albert National Parks to overnight stays at Waters Edge Eco Lodge in Meadow Lake Provincial Park and Flora Bora Yurts near Emma and Christopher Lakes, spending time exploring the great outdoors were some of my favourite days. DCIM115GOPRO 5. Pine Island Resort Flying in a float plane to one of Saskatchewan’s premiere resorts was an adventure. But catching a monster northern pike at Pine Island Resort was without a doubt one of my biggest highlights this year. 4. Racing at Estevan Motor Speedway Not only was I given a personal tour of the Estevan Motor Speedway racetrack facilities, they also trusted me to climb behind the steering wheel of a stock car to race around the dirt track. 3. Learning to Snowkite An admitted adrenaline junkie, kicking off my year as the Saskatchewanderer by learning how to snowkite was a highlight—regardless of how many times I wiped out trying to get up on my snowboard.  

2. Exploring the Sandcastles and Sunken Hill Trail I had a “wow” moment stepping out of my vehicle at the Sandcastles and Sunken Hill trail near Beechy, Sask. The beautiful rolling topography and sand dunes on the edge of Lake Diefenbaker were a surprising piece of geological history I never knew about. Ashlyn George 1. Flying with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds The opportunity of a lifetime: flying with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds over the skies of Saskatoon. The best part? They even let me fly the jet.