Two Scotty's are Better than One


Over 25 years ago, Saskatchewan made international headlines with the discovery of Scotty, a 65-million-year-old T.rex skeleton that had been residing in a rock in Eastend, SK. Scotty (cheekily named after a bottle of scotch opened to commemorate the discovery) was (and is) the most massive found T-Rex in the world. To this day Scotty brandishes that title proudly in Eastend's T-Rex Discovery Centre where he's displayed. I'm looking forward to visiting this Saskatchewan staple when I head that way in August!


In the meantime, I got to make the acquaintance of Scotty's twin (also referred to as "Scotty") who has made it’s home at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, which underwent major renovations to accommodate the dino's large frame. The CN T-Rex Gallery opened this past Friday and a detailed replica of Saskatchewan's sweetheart, Scotty the T-Rex was unveiled to the general public.


The gallery is two stories high and includes a glass railing on the second floor so you can have a proper face-to-face meeting with the museums newest prehistoric resident. The space is adorned with panels that offer paleontological insight on the species and on Scotty specifically. You can even press a button to hear how Scotty's mighty roar is believed to have sounded!


If you're in Regina, check out The Royal Saskatchewan Museum and meet the city’s largest inhabitant - and while you're there, don't forget about our old friend Megamunch!


To  find out more about Regina's Scotty go to:


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