UnderstandUs - Regina's Mental Health Initiative

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In the past few years, many programs and initiatives have emerged with the soul mission of normalizing mental health as a topic in everyday conversation. In Saskatchewan alone, there is a thriving community that sets out to eliminate the stigma in creative and innovative ways. In my term, I have already had the privilege of chatting with the DoMore Agriculture Foundation - an initiative that raises awareness of mental health within our local farming communities. More recently, I chatted with Jim Demeray, the creative mind behind UnderstandUs. UnderstandUs is a volunteer initiative that aims to combat the mental health stigma using unconventional methods to promote awareness. 


Since 2011, Jim and his team at UnderstandUs have developed numerous campaigns to help get their message across. They do so through workshops in local elementary and high schools, and through their popular clothing line. On May 8th, UnderstandUs is launching their newest campaign “What’s Your Frequency” at the Conexus Arts Center as a part of their annual fundraiser.



To learn more about this initiative and buy tickets go to https://understandus.ca

To learn more about Path CoWork go to http://pathyqr.ca