Wandering...at home?

All over the world, and right here in Saskatchewan, virtually all activities, events, and travels are on hold due to COVID-19. So, the idea of getting out and wandering ‘properly’ has ultimately become a no-go. Since we are all adapting to a new reality, this includes me adapting my approach as the Saskatchewanderer.


I’ve been at home in Saskatoon for a couple weeks now. I’m one of those people that either needs to be busy doing something—or else I slip into being a slow-moving sloth. I’d prefer to stay busy and keep my mind occupied, so as of now, I’ve planned to create weekly ‘at home’ wandering episodes.


I hope to have a video up every Friday and it will be posted to Facebook and YouTube. I want to share places around the province, highlight local businesses, and show a little slice of life in self-isolation.


So without further rambling, I bring you episode 1!


Watch on Facebook HERE.

Today’s episode first features a lovely Métis woman named Bernadette Lavoie. Before self-isolation began, I was in Prince Albert and stopped by her business: North Country Massage & Medi Spa.

Bernadette is actually a registered massage therapist by trade, but years later has built one of the most advanced medical spas in North America. She pushed for her dream year after year and now her spa is equipped to do incredible face and body treatments that before, could only be found in bigger international cities.

Besides medical esthetics, North Country also offers more standard spa services like massage and pedicures, as you’ll see in the video! Both were SO good. When self-isolation orders are lifted, definitely check out this amazing spa the next time you’re in Prince Albert! I know I’ll be back for another relaxation massage when this is all over. 

Second on today’s episode, I talked about the Canadian Light Source!

Credit: Canadian Light Source

This is a national research facility located at the University of Saskatchewan—home to the mighty Synchrotron machine. With so many kids out of school, I wanted to share the CLS with you because they have an amazing set of FREE online educational resources for a variety of age levels.

Here are some links to check out:

About the Synchrotron: https://www.lightsource.ca/about_the_cls

How the Synchrotron works: https://www.lightsource.ca/inside_the_synchrotron

Lesson plans, study guides, and worksheets: https://www.lightsource.ca/curricular_connections2


You can learn about how this huge synchrotron works (the research centre is about the size of a football field), and flex your scientific muscles in quarantine. In the video, I did my best to explain how it works, but it’s worth a read because this stuff is COOL! 

Alright, that’s all for this week! Join me next Friday for another episode.