Waters Edge Eco Lodge

Posted 2020 Saskatchewanderer • Leah's 2020 Adventure

I’m BACK! And I’m so excited to share perhaps the most magical place I've been yet! Video tour below!

Tucked away in Meadow Lake Provincial Park is Waters Edge Eco Lodge. Once I arrived, I was quickly torn about revealing this secret gem to the world—but also just HAVING to let more people know about it!

Here are the details:

1) Choose your vacay style: Either relax & unwind OR stay busy exploring the surrounding Boreal forest. They are a 4-season destination so that means water sports, hiking, s’mores by the fire in summer…in colder months, snowshoeing, cross country skiing (some of the best trails in the province!), ice skating, and more! The lodge has tons of equipment available for use: life jackets, kayaks, paddleboat, canoe, etc. Contact them for more details about what’s available depending on the season.

2) Super affordable: Considering you have access to the entire lodge and property, this is an INCREDIBLE value beyond just a place to sleep. It's also affordable because you bring your own food! I opted to meal prep everything and it turned out MUCH cheaper than spending on restaurants during vacation. If you want to bring your own ingredients, they have a fully stocked kitchen with utensils, plates, equipment, and literally anything you’d need to cook. (BBQ too!)

3) 8 guest rooms and additional cottages in the summer. Each room has its own private balcony and everything you need (linens, toiletries, etc) for a comfortable stay. Whether you need a couples' getaway, a gathering for family, friends, or professional, they can accommodate you!

4) Eco-friendly: It’s in the name because it’s true! Preserving and protecting the environment is top priority, and they built it with the mission of being in harmony with the surrounding land. They do everything they can to minimize waste, reuse where possible, and much of the building is made from reclaimed materials. It was SO stunning and beautiful!

Anyway, this place seriously takes ‘serene and peaceful’ to an entirely new level! It was so quiet that the sound of my own breathing started to annoy me!

On another note, although it was amazing to have the lodge to myself, it’s also tough seeing beautiful places like this empty. We all know the pandemic has taken a huge toll on the hospitality industry. Since I’ve been fortunate to stay in some different places this year, I can assure you I’ve always felt safe. If you have any hesitations or questions, simply ask the staff : ) They are there to make your getaway stress-free and will help guide you if it’s your first time staying somewhere this year.

Check it out! watersedgeecolodge.ca

Anyway, more to come! I have been to some amazing spots this past month and can’t wait to share more! Thank you to Conexus Credit Union for their continued support and CAA Saskatchewan for getting me safely to all these incredible places. Let’s finish 2020 off strong!