When Work Is More Fun Than Your Weekend

Posted Neil's 2016 Adventure
Imagine spending an entire year where every day of work is more fun than your weekend. Where no two days are ever the same. A year where you have been tasked with exploring and sharing your adventures inside this incredible province. It’s one part Indiana Jones, one part Rick Mercer and a wee bit of Corner Gas. It may sound too good to be true, but the job really does exist, and I’ve agreed to tackle the gruelling and arduous position … who am I kidding – it’s going to a blast! IMG_4626_sml The fine folks at CAA Saskatchewan handed me the keys, the trip odometer sits at zero, the camera batteries are in the charger, and I’m more excited than a sugar-filled fifth grader on the last day before summer vacation. I’ve visited and experienced only a fraction of what this amazing province holds and with fresh eyes I still see Saskatchewan as an exotic far off land with hidden wonders waiting to be unearthed. 20151230 - Lepine Elevators - NeilFisher_sml As a photographer and videographer I’ve used cameras to share the stories of others and I can’t wait to share the stories of Saskatchewan with you. I’ve chatted with people in Wood Mountain who’ve never walked through the boreal forest, people in La Ronge who’ve not seen the rolling plains of the south - I want to inspire not only other Canadians, but even Saskatchewanians to explore everything this province has to offer. To fit everything I’ve dreamed of doing into a single year is going to be a challenge, but I invite you to join me while I attempt it – I’m sure it will be an adventure worth following.