Where's Jocko?? At the Government House, of course!

Posted Jeff's 2012 Adventure
First off, I want to say that everything you can do at the Government House in Regina is absolutely FREE for public visitors (except for maybe the snacks)!!  That means you can take an afternoon with your family, enjoy a beautiful garden area, a tour of the historic house with fun activities for kids and adults alike, and not have to pay a dime to do it.  It's all a part of the atmosphere at the Government House: they want you to be able to completely enjoy, relax, and have fun without worrying about price. To be honest, I didn't know a whole lot about the place before I visited other than that it used to house the Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan awhile ago, and even that isn't entirely correct!  Saskatchewan became a province in 1905, so from 1891, when it was constructed, to 1905 it was the residence and office of the Lieutenant-Governor of The North-West Territories.  Nowadays the building continues to be an office, but is primarily a museum fashioned in the Victorian era of the late 1800's and the time in which Amédée E. Forget resided as Lieutenant-Governor. I started by meeting my hostess Michelle for the day, who led me to the new temporary exhibit that takes you through Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Visits to Saskatchewan.  I wrote a message to Her Majesty on the new, super-cool touch table!  We then walked through the museum, seeing the house as it was in the early 1900's. I just couldn't imagine living in such a place! A ballroom, conservatory, impressive staircase with a player piano, bathrooms, bedrooms, Gentlemen's room, dining room, and the list goes on.  it sounds like a game of Clue!  All the while I was followed by my furry friend, Jocko.  Who's Jocko?  Oh, he's the pet monkey of Amédée Forget that lived in Government House with him during his term there!  Of course, Jocko was quite a troublemaker; he would swing on chandeliers, climb staircases, jump in people's hair, snatch food off plates, etc.  Now, visitors can look for Jocko around the house, submit where you found him here, and be entered to win a monthly prize!

Where's Jocko?
Afterwards we went outside to the Edwardian Gardens and had a sort of scavenger hunt, using a GPS to find geocaches around the garden like roses, memorials, signs, and statues.  The Gardens rest on eight beautiful acres and make a very pretty setting to have a little picnic in, too, which is exactly what Jocko and I did!  Of course, I had no say in what we ate as Jocko insisted on eating the banana bread. :) Lastly, watch this fantastic video of when Roughrider Scott Schultz visited Government House in Regina.  It gives you a good idea of what's available to do here... so come out here and do it! It's fun and it's free.