Wondering Where the Prairies Meet the Forest

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

If you head 17km north of Duck Lake on Highway 11, you'll find an extensive network of beautiful meandering pathways know as Eb's Trails. Popular in the winter with the cross-country skiing community, many others don't know these trails are also open to hikers in the snow-free months!

Felipe hiking

Felipe and Fozzy hiking

Eb's Trails are perfect for a family getaway as you can easily complete the courses in a few hours or you could spend the whole day there and enjoy the shelter.

Please be advised, dogs are only permitted on the trails during the snow-free season, so now is the perfect time to get out and explore with your four legged friends too! These trails are managed by a dedicated group of volunteers from the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club and they remind us during the ski season to please leave the pooch at home (sorry Fozzy!).

Felipe sitting with Fozzy his dog.

Need directions? Check out this google map.

Felipe reading a map

If you enjoy these amazing trails, consider supporting the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club with a donation or membership.