World Class Players Cup 2016

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Evraz Place in Regina has been transformed into a branch of the United Nations. Come to think of it, if the United Nations held their meetings on a soccer pitch, the world would likely be a more peaceful place. In all seriousness, this annual event -- The World Class Players World Cup – began with just nine teams playing over a four day period. Now, eleven years later, there are eighty teams representing thirty-seven different countries, and the tournament spans twenty-four days. It was super fun watching the games following the opening ceremonies and it was just as much fun being part of such a pumped up crowd. With so many different countries being represented, the crowd is a reflection of the diversity in our growing province and the teams are more than happy to share their cultures. The tournament concludes on Saturday April 16, with the women’s final taking place at 5:30pm and the men’s final at 7:15pm. Of course there are many other exciting games to watch between now and then - for the full schedule and current standings head over to the WCP Cup website: