World's First 3D-Printed Camper Trailer Made in Saskatchewan!

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When Randy Janes first began telling people about his vision of creating the world's first 3D printed camper trailer — there were laughs and comments that it was a long-shot dream. But Randy was determined to prove those who doubted him wrong, and early this spring, he was successful in creating the world's first 3D printed camper trailer in Saskatoon! 

With the help of Create Café, a 3D printing coffee shop in Saskatoon, housing North America's largest 3D printer, Randy was able to fulfull this dream. He successfully launched his company, Wave Of The Future 3D, located in the same building as Create Café. Since then, he has created quite a buzz in local media and around the world. 

"It has got a lot more attention than I thought it would. I even had an East Indian couple that came in here with their two kids. The lady had said that her mom from India called her and said she watched it on the local news in India. She wanted her grandkids' photo taken inside the trailer! So that tells you how far we have got," said Randy.

"It's kind of exciting being at the forefront of it. We're kind of writing the book not following the book."