Yorkton should be spelled YAYorkton!

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

With a population of 16,041, Yorkton is the 6th largest city in Saskatchewan! Yorkton has the cozy community feeling of a small town with all the liveliness of humble prairie city. Here, locally-owned shops are the heart of downtown, and of course, I take my mission of finding the best cinnamon bun in Saskatchewan really seriously. I found the sweet spot at Wanders Sweets Discoveries where I fueled up with coffee and the ultimate cinnamon bun!

With that kind of octane in my tank, I was ready to hit the trails with Fozzy over at York Lake Regional Park. It was a beautiful hike along the lake with trails fully accessible for all ability levels. I felt completely immersed in the season as damp autumn leaves fluttered majestically and settled on the forest floor.

One of the many perks of living in Saskatchewan are the sublime perogies. My enormous appetite is no secret, but I'd honesly be a bit embarassed if you knew how many perogies I really ate when I first moved to Saskatchewan (let's say a nice round number!). Year later I still find them irresistible. I hit Smak Ukrainian Store for my daily dose of perogy power, along the haul of delicious treats. There was so much to see, it was a super fun store to visit.

At the Yorkton Visitor Centre, I got the full scoop on the area and had a blast checking out the crochet train (believe me, this is a real thing - check out the pic below!)

With so much great Yorktonian (or is it Yorkonite? - help me out, Saskatchewan folks!) history at every turn, I went for a visit to the Western Development Museum. My favourite was the toy exhibition; the children's entertainment industry has certainly changed over the last hundred years, so fascinating.

My stomach let me know it was supper time, so it was off to Tapps Sports Lounge and Grill to watch the Rider's game and enjoy a steak sandwich done to prairie perfection.

Of course, there's always room for dessert, so my final stop of the day was YDB Scoops. They knocked it out of the ball park with a hot caramel ice cream sundae, talk about a capstone moment for a super sweet day in Yorkton.

YAY Yorkton!

Thanks for reading, amigos!