Youth Symposium at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum


Although the Royal Saskatchewan Museum is known for its preservation of the past, they host many directives that cater to the future of our province as well. Along with ancient fossils, they facilitate programs that are meant to educate Saskatchewan’s youth and create up-and-coming leaders. A prime example of this initiative was The Youth Symposium they hosted this past Thursday in partnership with Reconciliation Regina.


The event was a creative approach to engaging local youth in a dialogue about reconciliation and to educate students about Canada’s history. Although reconciliation requires society to address past misgivings, the symposium was based on a platform of empowerment and optimism about the years to come. The goal was to give our young people the tools and education necessary to be strong ambassadors for tomorrow.

Throughout the day, there was a number of fun and creative workshops offered that engaged students in First Nations culture and values. These activities included workshops on traditional First Nations graffiti, hip-hop, hunting and trapping, moccasin sewing and much more.


Reconciliation Regina was formed in 2017 and consists of approximately 80 local community partners. They strive to offer opportunities like this one which sets out to honour and acknowledge initiatives and the Calls to Action. Connection to youth is a crucial pillar of Reconciliation Regina and the Youth Symposium demonstrated their passion for our forthcoming leaders of tomorrow.  


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