YXE Quickclean in Saskatoon


Since the onset of 2019, the CAA Wanderer-mobile has navigated excursions through varying terrains and severe conditions. Although this four-wheel-drive beast of an SUV is built to handle these travels with ease, it goes without saying that the exterior can take a bit of a beating. Not to mention the interior which doubles as my home-on-wheels more often than not. In the days leading up to the Saskatoon Pride Parade, which the Wander-mobile was to be featured in, I decided to take it in for a little makeover.


YXE Quickclean was established in 2017 by Piotr Sztorc and his wife Lindsay. Due to the rapid success of their first location near the Willows Golf Course in Saskatoon, they have recently expanded and opened a new location right in the Midtown Plaza parkade. Their goal is to make the tedious but inevitable chore of getting your car detailed as seamless as possible. Their choice of locations is strategic in this sense. You can drop off your car right in the parking lot of the mall and run errands throughout the duration of the appointment. In my case, there was a handful of coffee shops in arms reach where I could catch up on emails while I waited for my parade-ready SUV. 


Piotr Sztorc was born in Poland where he had established himself in the field of construction. This career path brought him to England where he worked for eight years before making Saskatoon his home. Within one month of coming to Canada, Piotr met his now wife and business partner Lindsay. Soon after he relocated he realized he had reached a crossroads in his life where he felt that it was time to shift his focus from construction. He saw Saskatoon as a much more conducive environment for up-and-coming entrepreneurs than his previous places of residence and decided to take advantage of these conditions. Piotr's father in Poland owned a car rental service and as a child, he grew up cleaning the vehicles in between rentals. 


YQE Quickclean initially began as a commercial car detailing business, but because of their quick and thorough service, people began to ask them to clean their personal vehicles as well. Now the business has a wide range of clients and accommodates both commercial and privately owned automobiles. Piotr is a strong advocate for the benefits that come with a positive workspace. He believes in paying his staff a livable wage and in return he has less turn-over and more dedicated employees. He hopes to use YXE Quickclean as a vehicle to give back to the community that was so welcoming to him and his business ventures. 

‚ÄčTo learn more about YXE Quickclean go to: https://yxequickclean.ca/