Zoom Into Nature!

Posted Kevin's 2018 Adventure

A new exhibit at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) is getting up close and personal with the natural world that surrounds us. We're talking insects and animals that we are most familiar with, many of which call Saskatchewan 'home'.

Using innovative technology, inlcuding cutting edge imaging systems and 3D printing, the RSM has created an exhibit that allows visitors to zoom in on nature's best kept and beautiful secrets. 

The title "Zoom" well defines this new exhibit. Ten interactive stations give vistors a unique opportunity to see bugs, skulls, and feathers at a magnified perspective — Showcasing the unique and beautiful details of nature that often go unseen. 

Walking into the exhibit, right away I was intrigued by the sharp and luminous colours that were displayed in photographs. These photos were not ordinary at all! Rather then being grossed out or afraid of these tiny organisims, the magnified perspective shown as blown up images allows you to appreciate the beauty and distinctive traits of these insects and animals. 

Along with the fine imagery, the interactive displays are incredibly unique. There is the scavenger station that highlights the "dermestid beetle" which prepares skeletons for display at the museum. There's the carnivorous crainiums station where skulls of different animals, the tiniest being a shrew skull, have been 3D printed all to the same size in order to compare skulls of smaller and larger carnivorous animals. The Tiger beetle is shown as an enlarged image that appears monstrous or even alien-like, and the indepth look at the prehistoric 99-million-year-old ant in amber is mind boggling — just seeing how crisp the imagery is. 

Along with displays, you can use microscopes to zoom in on live magnified organisms including butterflies and moths that are found here in Saskatchewan, and prehistoric feathers that date back 78-million-years. 

ZOOM is the newest and coolest exhibit found at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and is now open for you to see!

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